Story Descriptions

The Merciful Miracle

Here is yet another of my earlier stories. It's a pretty good story, but it will show you how much I've improved over the years!


This is one of my earlier stories. It's not my greatest work of literary genius, but it shows you how I started out. I've gotten a lot better.

Future Glory

Here's another throw-back to when I first started writing short stories. I hope you enjoy it. They only get better as I got older.

Lana's Comfort

Lana's Comfort was a short story I did in my creative writing class. It is not a Christian story, like all of the other ones, but it is fun to read. The characters are fantastic and you'll really enjoy this short adventure.

The Free Slave

If I remember correctly, this story made it the whole way to Nationals for Fine Arts. Fine Arts is a ministry in the Assemblies of God that checks out the talent of youth in writing, preaching, drama, singing, etc. This one's set in Medeival times and features a prisoner who is more free than most.

Operation Preparation

This is another Fine Arts story from before The Free Slave. It has some of the same themes as the other Fine Arts story, that of the prisoner set free, but from a different angle. Take a look!

Bacca's Battle

This one's about General Revelation and how God makes himself known. It features the random pagan on the island as the backdrop for this riveting exchnage between humanity and God.

Last Night

This was another project for the Creative Writing class. We were given a phrase, like "Where were you last night?" and we had to write an entire story beginning with that line. This one's about how God is always with us even though we don't see Him or recognize that He's there.