The Free Slave

Gaunt with starvation, Sir Gadolin hung from the wall in shackles. Death crept along the damp walls, devouring its victims. Gadolin's body jolted upon hearing the painful scream of a knight in torment as Death swallowed him whole.

King Dallame's sinister quest to destroy Christianity had imprisoned Gadolin in the dungeon. Every attempt to destroy what lived inside of him failed. The vicious guards stretched his body on a rack to force him to renounce Christ, but Gadolin refused to break or even bend.

Gadolin thought about his Lord. As the door abruptly creaked open, his thoughts dispersed like the light invading the dark chamber. Cole, the cold-blooded guard entered. He spat on the dead body and bellowed toward the door, "One less mouth to feedl" Servants callously yanked the corpse away by its ankles.

Cole glared at Gadolin, who was listening to the Lord's voice 'My beloved Gadolin, I have chosen you for My purpose because you love Me and My Word lives deep inside you. Your final mission and destiny await you. Go, proclaim My sovereignty! I am always with you." Gadolin cried out to God, "Precious Lord, I adore and extol You! You raised me up for Your purpose. You are my refuge and strength. Train my hands to wage war and my fingers for battle. I will bless the Lord."

Unsheathing his weighty sword, Cole approached Gadolin. He struck Gadolin's side, spat, and harshly belted his jaw with his sword handle. "Your mouth leaks, Filth. Maybe your fingers will battle for bread." He waved bread before Gadolin's face, and then ate it. "Get a better trainer, worthless rubbish."

Another prisoner pleaded, "I'll take his share!"

Cole tempted him with the soiled bread. The other prisoner attempted to seize crumbs, but shackles restricted his movement. Roaring with laughter, Cole thrust his sword into the prisoner's heart. He gruesomely took pleasure in watching the prisoner's final tear trickle to the earth. Cole turned to Gadolin again, "Would you trade your life for bread?"

Gadolin responded, "My Lord is the Bread of Life. He traded life for my wretched soul." Cole coldly replied, "Is your Lord so powerful you think He can conquer death and lives even now?" He spat in Gadolin's face, "Visiting hours are over. I see no Lord here." Cole stomped toward the door.

Gadolin bellowed, "I am the hand of the Lord for you, which writes on the wall of your heart." Cole froze as Gadolin spoke, "This is My commandment: that you love one another, just as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: that one lay down his life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I command you. No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing, but I have called you friends, for all things I have heard from My Father I have made known to you."

The icy dominion governing Cole's heart melted. He apprehensively approached Gadolin, ardent desire permeating his response, "Who is this Lord?"

Gadolin answered, "He is Jesus Christ, Lord over all His creation His true power exists in his overflowing love for all of us on the cross, setting you, his beloved creation, free from the destruction of your soul. God sent me to tell you that he whom His Son sets free is free indeed! Cole left the dungeon, trembling. Gadolin began openly glorifying the Lord while shackles fell from his wrists. Some prisoners beheld him with astonishment, "You're glowing Gadolin! We desire to know your Lord." Gadolin revealed Jesus to them. Many pledged themselves to Him and became truly free.

Cole reentered the dungeon, beseeching them, "Quiet! They'll behead me." Suddenly feeling God's presence, he fell to his knees trembling. "I cannot control myself!" He shouted at Gadolin, "What magic trick is this?"

Gadolin replied, "Your freedom comes through God's Spirit. God's love goes beyond your faults. He knows you better than you know yourself, and still desires your love." Cole's whole demeanor instantly changed. Warm love overwhelmed him as he accepted Jesus. Gadolin's voice resounded between the walls as he prophesied to Cole. "You will be called to battle even tonight. The abominations of your people cause My wrath to overflow against this kingdom. Your army will be annihilated, but you will be spared. Proclaim Me everywhere. My eternal purpose will lead you to Me, says the Lord." Cole fell prostrate, thanking Jesus.

Lowly servants hastily entered the dungeon. "The battle call has rung! All will fight, even squires and serfs are required to serve our king! Come." Cole departed, leaving the door open. The prisoners followed him to King Dallame's court.

Rage filled King Dallame's eyes as he confronted Cole, "Why are these wretched prisoners present?"

Cole bowed, "Sire, why not let them fight in the siege against King Argus?"

The king smugly whispered to his advisors, "They'll ensure my victory but die in battle." He ordered squires to prepare the prisoners for battle and escort them to the front lines Then he led his army from the castle to the field of battle.

Thunder and lightning split the moonless sky as raindrops stabbed each knight like piercing daggers. When they approached the battlefield, earsplitting war cries ricocheted off the surrounding trees. Although the front lines of gallant prisoners gave their lives, the enemy's power was too great, and so, King Dallame bitterly surrendered to King Argus.

King Dallame, Cole, and Gadolin were chained together under a tree. Gadolin told King Dallame about Jesus, but he ranted, "There is none greater than I: No lord! No king! No knight!" Gadolin pleaded with him to reconsider without effect. The ax protruding from a tree stump nearby would furnish their imminent demise. King Dallame furiously rejected Jesus.

King Dallame's cold-hearted soul was eternally severed from hope as blood drained from his detached head. The knights seized Gadolin. He yelled to Cole, "Remain in God's presence! Pour yourself as a drink offering upon the lost."

As the ax rose, Gadolin proclaimed, "Hear me, O Lord! I have sought You out by still waters and heard Your voice in the quiet place." The ax plummeted. Immediately Gadolin was aware of a golden throne with Living Water flowing toward Earth. Jesus embraced His heir.

The knights then dragged Cole toward death. Cole shouted, "My Lord waits on you, King Argus!" King Argus commanded the knights to cease and listened to Cole's message. He replied, "Such incredible passion and hope emanates from you. Your self-less commitment makes me desire this Lord! I believe this Jesus is Lord."

Cole shared Jesus everywhere he went, challenging the hearts of multitudes enslaved to sin. At the end of his days, Cole danced on Heaven's shores. He heard a voice like rumbling thunder speak, "Well done, My beloved son! You have been faithful. Come, Cole, the harvest of your obedience welcomes you."

The deafening resonance of innumerable voices singing God's glory saturated the heavens. The multitudes chanted Cole's name. Tears poured down his face as each soul explained how God used Cole as a free slave to shatter their chains of eternal death.