PREFACE Many militant forces have won wars
Yet no other army is as passionate
about the war for freedom They
fight daily, winning battles never
seen All can be recruited and
become freedom fighters against the
deadliest foe of all, one who takes all
a man has by stealing his soul
through slavery to sin This army is
the most numerous and strongest of
all armies imaginable, and they are
called Christians

Operation Preparation

In the dark disease-infested prison chamber sat Arnelius Ranchaw, who never heard of Jesus or salvation. Amelius shrieked in pain and cried aloud constantly. Today he was to be visited by the Head Master of the lownyou Prison, the chief organization of Satan himself He had acquired Arnelius and other humans like him through their slavery to sin.

"Get up," Satan bellowed to Arnelius. "You are my servant today. You will carry out many different activities in which you will serve me. You will lie, cheat, deceive millions, kill unborn babies, help undecided teens choose my way out of a crisis through suicide, and, worst of all, you will make them all believe that what they are doing is true and just."

Arnelius understood that whether he wanted to do these things or not, he had no free will to stop himself He would do everything Satan commanded, not because he wanted to, but because he was under Satan's control. He had completed all of Satan's tasks and knew it was wrong but didn't know any other way.

Upon his return to the prison, he was thrown into the chamber without any consideration. He wondered if he'd ever be freed from this slavery; to be free to do what he longed to do. Satan and his henchmen surged through the door, and Satan yelled, "Get up you fools!" Satan was the most horrific beast they had envisioned. They couldn't get away from him or bear to look upon him because of the fear in their hearts and minds. "You fools will be training to fight in a war.

"Whether you want to fight or not, you belong to me and will do as I say." As Satan and his men stormed off, Amelius realized he had to escape. What he was doing was wrong He could feel how wrong it was. He wanted and needed to flee from this current situation immediately. There must be some other way, he thought to himself.

The next day prisoners were periodically taken to different rooms in the huge prison where they were taught the art of war. Preparation for the upcoming battles with those holy saints Satan hated was very complex. Some henchmen trained prisoners with swords and arrows, a few guarded the prison doors while others made the swords, shields, armor, and other weapons, and still others tended to Satan When Arnelius came to the war preparation rooms, he decided to defy his master for the first time.

As everyone entered the room, they received a sword Arnelius took the sword and slashed the instructor's arm As he cried out in pain and screamed for the guards, Arnelius ran to the door. He opened it and burst out into the hall. He ran until he passed through the main entrance and ran into the woods Then Satan's outer guard captured him and brutally took him to Satan.

Satan was already furiously speaking to the members of his council, "We must have these prisoners ready for battle by tonight. Why aren't they ready? One of you will pay for this delay!

The guard began to address Satan, whose back was turned to Arnelius, "Master, this prisoner has injured our chief weapons instructor and tried to escape through the main doors. What shall I do with him?"

Satan turned to face Amelius and, as Arnelius fell to the floor in horror of his huge beastly features, Satan silently said, "You have foiled my plans of conquest and have caused me immense trouble. For you, these words simply mean death!" As he reached the end of his sentence, Sates voice had gone from a whisper to a roar. The guard hurried over to Arnelius, grabbed his arm, and dragged him down to a solitary dungeon. Arnelius would meet his fate in the morning.

The army Satan intended to defeat was encamped ten miles away. There was joyous singing and dancing. God and his Son spoke about those in Satan's prison, "I want to save them, Son." God said, his eyes filling with tears. God's Son sat beside his Father. "I'll offer a price, Father. It'll be costly. I want to give the prisoners a choice."

God answered, "I don't want to lose you, Jesus. You're my only Son. But I deeply love them and fear that they'll never know freedom any other way."

Jesus looked contentedly into God's eyes, "Then it's done. I'll free them." He went outside the encampment and, as He walked, prayed to His Father, "Father, I know you will be with me. You always are. This cup is a hard thing to bear. If it were possible, I would let it pass from my lips but I know you're will and my compassion are one. My message is freedom and love. Be with me as I bring forth my message of hope. Thank you Father. Amen."

Upon reaching the prison, Jesus entered Sates domain. He looked at the prisoners with deep passion for their circumstances and healed them. He told them of his Father's plans, and they believed in and followed Him,

Moments later, Satan arrived there. "You! You dare enter my realm? You shall be killed immediately by the worst death. You are sentenced to death on a cross. These two thieves who have planned to overthrow me for years will join you." He pointed to Arnelius, Jesus, and another prisoner. "Beat them and prepare them for death!" he commanded his henchmen.

After the three men were brutally beaten and mocked, Satan encouraged the other prisoners by declaring, "If you cooperate, you'll be spared. Your lives are mine to do with as I wish. " Then men chanted, "Crucify Him!"

The henchmen led them to the crosses and hung the two thieves. Satan approached Jesus and said, "Are you ready to die for your enemies?" He pointed to the prisoners who were shouting.

"Yes," answered Jesus. "I will set them free." Satan laughed and signaled his henchmen to crucify Jesus, They grabbed him by his hands and feet and threw him onto a wooden slab He screamed in sheer pain as they pierced his hands and feet with long spikes and dropped the cross he was nailed to into a deep hole. Jesuswhole body convulsed with blood and water as the cross landed in the bottom of the hole.

When they displayed Jesus on his cross, Arnelius cried out to Jesus, "Lord, I don't wish to do evil. You know my heart and that I was enslaved. Please let me join your army." The other thief said to Arnelius, "You traitor! This man deserves death as do we." He spit on Jesus' face and denounced him loudly to the crowd. Jesus cried out in front of the prisoners and spectators.

Then Jesus said to Arnelius, "This day you will join my Father and me in paradise" As Arnelius felt the grip of death on his body, he shouted and praised the Lord. Then he died.

Suddenly, Arnelius and Jesus stood in front of the Father. "You freed every prisoner and gave my sheep hope, Jesus!" Arnelius was amazed at God's joy for his soul. Arnelius explored his new found freedom and spoke with other warriors. He dined with the saints and prophets of long ago and worshiped the Lord with Moses, Joshua, and Elijah.

In the next couple of days, Jesus returned to the prison, forgiving the prisoners for betraying him at the cross. Millions of prisoners accepted Him and gave their souls to Him. They enjoyed the Spirit of the Lord and loved and cared for each other. Then Jesus led them before God and called them together. God spoke to the whole camp of believers.

"We go to war tomorrow. Jesus' death on the cross was one of those preparations. Your freedom was part of my plan. Everything is in place for tomorrow. Are you ready to fight?"

A deafening sound arose from the crowd of believers as everyone raised their hands in a victorious war cry. Arnelius had heard malevolent noise in prison but nothing as powerful as this.

The rest of the evening was set aside for more preparation in the Lord's camp. They were told the battle plans and given places in God's army. Everyone learned and performed their part so that the army operated as a unified body. The best preparation was their righteousness, against which Satan had no prayer.

The day had arrived. All of them bowed down to Jesus as he led them into battle. He was on a white stallion with fire in his eyes. When they met SataWs armies, a sword protruded from Jesus' mouth that destroyed all of Satan's armies.

As the saints shouted in victory, Jesus said to Satan, "Are you ready to die for your disobedience?"

As Satan turned and tried to run, Jesus restrained him Then Jesus threw Satan into the Lake of Fire. He turned to the crowd of believers and said, "The Battle of Armageddon is over. Because you prepared for this day by righteousness, we will spend eternity together."

Arnelius, along with all the saints, raised his hands in victory He reflected on how he came to know Christ and salvation because other Christians had heeded the challenge and said "I'm ready, Lord, to do your will."