Last Night

"Where were you last night?" she screamed at Me. "How can I trust You? You promised me!" I stood in front of her, staring into her sky blue eyes, into the very depths of her soul.

"…I can't believe this," she continued, "You promised You'd always be here beside me. But last night I felt more alone than ever before and You weren't here. You betrayed me!" Her frantic voice and enraged gestures ceased when she finally noticed My gaze. The luing silence felt like an eternity of nothingness. No movement, sounds, or actions; not a sound from Me in this moment that seemed to stop time itself.

She felt My eyes searching through her inner being in that timeless moment and tried with everything in her to keep Me out without effect. My fingers already clutched the door before she could close it. Now all she was and could be laid bare before Me. Then I spoke, "I was with you last night."

Thoughts exploded in her mind, "But I felt so alone last night in that hospital bed so dejected and empty. My only solace was the steady beeping of the machines and the silences between the beeps. He most certainly was not here. I could not feel Him beside me."

I stretched My arms out to embrace her and, for a moment, how she longed to jump io them and feel My comfort and love again. Silhouetted against the light of the hospital window, I looked as appealing to her as I did when we first met. I was always staring at her with those hopeful eyes that drew her to Me. But it wouldn't work this time. She must resist because I left her in her darkest hour and that was unforgivable.

"No!" She yelled, "You can't just make it all better with a hug. Not this time. It won't work with me this time."

I dropped My arms and said in a shaky voice that brought tears to her eyes, "But I have been here for you and I need you now more than ever. Please."

She allowed the fountain of anger in her to reply for her, "You need me right now, huh? Well, I hope You'll know how I felt last night then." She turned and walked away from Me out the door and into the hall. Her mind was racing now as she considered My failure in not being there yesterday. When her doctor told her she had some kind of terminal disease he didn't know existed and couldn't possibly treat, she desired to just disappear in My reassuring arms. But without Me there, she showed no outward emotion and her love for Me died.

It was so hard for her to turn on Me in that room but she had to. She kept asking herself, 'How did I make that love for Me live in her again? Or was it this very quality about Me that made her love Me so easily? However, that deep wound left by My lack of support kept her from turning around. Tears welled up in her eyes and blurred her vision. She tripped over a chair and ran into a man with a white coat.

"Hey, what are you still doing here? You should be out on enjoying this beautiful day with that Nice Man I met last night. I released you hours ago. He told me He'd take care of you. You know, if I were you, I would never leave a Guy like that alone for fear He might just find someone else's hand to hold through the night. And I would never let Him go." Her doctor then looked at her, handed her a tissue and added, "Sometimes we don't realize the extent of that kind of love but it's always there and that invisible love is the kind that makes relationships work."

Then he walked on as if he'd never stopped. "What?" she muttered, "but ... He ... I ... Oh no!" She ran through the corridor back to her room only to realize I was gone. She thought she had lost the greatest thing in her life forever. She would never see Me again. She laid down in the hospital bed crying.

Immediately, she felt something familiar enclose her hand, warm and strong. Then My voice right next to her ear, "I can't stand to see you cry. I will always love you and, as I said before, I will never leave you alone."