The Merciful Miracle

By Jonathan Srock

"Did you know that John 3:16 shows us how much love God had for everyone in the world ? He gave His one and only son, Jesus, to die for us," the Sunday School teacher seemed to drone off in Tim's mind. He really didn't take God's love seriously. He was here because his parents made him come. If it were up to him he would be out fishing right now.

Little did Tim know, he would be fishing in no time.

"Hey Tim," Tim's best friend Luke called, "How did you like it. Sunday School, I mean." Tim smiled a fake smile. "It was great."

"Do you think you will come back again ?11 Luke asked. #VI'm not sure," Tim answered.

The two walked home together. They came to Tim's house. "Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow in school," Tim said as he walked up the steps onto the porch of his house.

"Yeah, see you tomorrow," answered Luke.

Luke continued to walk to his house. It wasn't too far from the church to his house, but he always had time to think about whatever was bothering him. Today he was bothered by Tim's way of expressing how he liked church. Sure, he smiled and said it was great, but where was the enthusiasm. Luke thought if Tim liked it as much as he did, held jump up and shout 110 yeah, it was awesome!" not "It was great."

When Luke walked in the front door to his house, he looked around for his parents. Mom was in the kitchen starting dinner and Dad was usually in the kitchen with her but today he was in the parlor, sitting back in his favorite La-Z-Boy recliner.

Luke walked back to his room and put his Bible on his bed. Then he changed clothes so that he would not get his good outfit dirty. After he got dressed, he went out to the kitchen and asked, "So what are we having for dinner, Mom ?11

His mother turned around and said in quite the happy mood, "Baked Chicken, corn, mashed potatoes and for desert," she paused, "ICE CREAM!"

Luke jumped up and down and exclaimed, "All right!" How did Mom always know what the perfect things to have on the perfect days were ? I guess I'll never know, he thought. But why mess with a good thing ?

From there he walked into the living room. His father was still sitting on that chair, whistling a morning praise song. Dad was always peaceful after going to church. That was one of the things Luke noticed about his family. After an encounter of any kind with God, they were always joyful and peaceful. What a lucky guy I am to be put in such a loving, God-filled house hold. Thanks God, Luke thought.

Then he remembered Tim. "Dad," Luke began.

"Yes, son," Luke's Dad stopped whistling and looked at him. Luke continued, "I don't think Tim cares much for church. He told me he did when I asked him, but it wasn't even close to the answer he wanted to give me.

His Dad looked up at the ceiling and then his eyes rested on Luke and he began to try to give a good, meaningful speech on why people don't like church the first time.

"Son, Tim is different. He's not like you and me. We live a life that God has control over. However, Tim is not like this. He comes from a family that is not close to God. You see, we know the joy of being Christians because we have seen God help us and move among us. Therefore, we believe in God."

Luke thought for a second. "But what about Tim ? His father continued. "Son, we have faith in God. Hebrews 11:1 confirms what we have - this faith - as the evidence and belief of things unseen. We can't see God, yet we believe in Him. We have faith. But Tim can't have faith in God until he sees what God can do in his life. He, like the rest of the world that we live in, wants physical proof. The only way he will get that proof is to except Jesus into his heart.11

"Thanks, Dad!" Luke realized that what his father had installed in him at that very moment would help him in his walk with Jesus.

Luke got on to the school bus. It was Monday morning. A beautiful Spring day. He waited for about ten minutes until the bus came upon Tim's house. Tim got on the bus and sat down next to Luke. Then he started to speak in an excited voice.

"Luke, I had this awesome dream last night! It is hard to explain it. After I fell asleep, I was in a field. It was perfect. I ran around and wasn't tired. I fell but didn't get hurt. Then there were these people in white that came with me wherever I went. They were all around me. So many of them surrounded me.

It was like they were protecting me. What I couldn't figure out was what they were protecting me from. Then every single one of them left me and the beautiful scenery was no more. A circle of fire surrounded me, now.

Then I heard a voice calling to me. It was an evil thing. It scared me out of my mind. It said something about the happy times being over and that now I must obey its wishes.

When I questioned who it was, a face so hideous and gruesome appeared. It had fangs and horns and red skin that was on fire. When I looked at it closely I screamed at the top of my lungs.

In a manner of pure fear I turned and ran as fast as i ever ran. I didn't move an inch.

Then I realized a huge hand with wretched claws was holding me in that spot. Then I heard the voice again. It seemed to have the most hatred I could ever imagine and more. Its breathe smelt of4death. Its eyes were full of deceit and malice.

The voice began low and then protruded to a loud roar, "Do you not know that I have literally millions of teenagers, let alone other human mortals that have not know that I was their master. It's true. I control the world! I control you as well.11

I answered back with a pondering question, "How ?11

The voice laughed then chuckled and then roared as though its sides were splitting with the humor I must have produced with that word. Then, after it calmed down, it began to tell me the answer.

"You see, Tim, I control the world by being master of what lives in it. I kill millions and millions of people a year with drugs and alcohol. I spread sexually transmitted diseases through teenagers like it was dinner being passed around the dinner table. I control the world by killing innocent babies. Tim, Have you ever heard of an abortion clinic?"

"Yes." "First I persuade young teen girls to get into bed with another guy. Then, when they get pregnant and realize that they can't take care of their problem, they come see my doctors who deal with the problem. Thousands of teens die by drunk driving. A few of my very best workers go into schools and classrooms and take care of a few people who appose me with guns."

Then a light from above flashed down and a voice from that light spoke. It said, "Satan, you are filling this person's head with propaganda. You stay true to your name and only bring out the evil in everything. Both of you should see what is to be seen. Satan will shriek back in horror of the truth for he fails always. Tim, you must watch this for all that he has said is one-sided and is countered by grace."

Then I watched as visions came out of the light. I could see and hear everything. In the first scene, a teen had a gun to his head and a man standing in front of him said in tears three words that made the teen drop the gun, fall to his knees, shrivel up and weep. The man said, "Son, Jesus loves you!"

In the second scene, a girl was weeping in a corner. The voice described her dilemma. "The girl has just delivered a baby and has no way to take care of it. She is pondering abortion."

I watched as a hand reached down and the girl looked up into one of the most beautiful faces she had ever seen. She took the hand and was immediately lifted to her feet. The person with the hand said, "It's all right. God has heard your cry and feels your pain. He understands. He will make a way for you." Then the person dried her tears and led her and her baby to an orphanage. In the third scene, a man pulled out a gun in the middle of a class and began to shoot every one he could see. The bullets bounced off of the people in the class. Then the voice said, "This man tried to kill all of these teens yet had no success because this was a prayer group. The spirit was there and after he let the gun fall out of his hands, he was immediately brought into My kingdom as a new believer in Me."

Satan cried out, "You ruined everything!" then disappeared. The voice said, "Tim, Jesus loves you, too." Then I woke up."

"Wow, Tim," Luke was amazed, "I can tell that this all happened. Do you know what it all means?"

"No, but I want to come to church Wednesday and talk to the pastor. Maybe he knows the meaning." Tim had a note of urgency in his voice.

After school, Luke went home and did his home work. He just finished it up when his father pulled into the driveway. Luke ran down to meet him.

His Dad opened the door and gave him a hug. He sounded pretty cheerful when he said, "Hi, son!"

Luke followed him as he put his brief case down and then sat down and asked, "Where's your mother?"

Luke told him that when he came home, Mom had left a note on the door and it said that she had to run some errands and that she should be back in about an hour. Then he told his Dad about Tim's dream excitedly.

"Well, it looks like Tim had some interesting things going on last night. It is so rare for people to have visions. Yet, nothing is impossible for God," Luke's Dad commented.

Later his mother came home and made dinner. Tim's dream was at the top of the order of things discussed.

For the next day, Tim seemed distant, as if he were in heavy thought about his dream. Then Wednesday night came along. Tim was bursting with energy through the whole service. Then at the end, he met the pastor and asked to speak with him privately.

Luke waited for about an hour and a half. Then Tim walked out of the pastor's office. Tears were falling down his eyes and his face was a glow. Then, in a hoarse-sounding voice, he looked at Luke and said, "I just accepted Jesus as my savior. Jesus loves me!" Then tears poured out of his eyes like raindrops as Luke began to cry also and came over to sit down with his best friend.

Luke took Tim home and then went to his house still sobbing. When he opened the door his parents came over to him and asked him what was wrong. He looked at both of them and said shakily, "Tim accepted Jesus into his heart." Then he and his parents began to praise God and weep in His presence.

Tim lived for Jesus the rest of his life. He became a missionary filled with the Holy Spirit everywhere he went. When he found a demon-possessed person, he would utter the words JESUS LOVES YOU. The next thing you know another person would enter the kingdom of heaven.

Before he died, he told the doctor who was performing CPR on him, "Jesus loves you, Doc! Now let me go to be with my Jesus." He went to be with the Lord minutes later as Luke who was still alive wept over him. When Luke came out of the emergency room of the hospital, the doctor caught up with him and said, "Sir, wait, Sir! That man seemed to be happier dead than alive. He had something. I could tell. I want that! Do you know how to get it ?

Luke turned to him and said, "Doc, have I got a story for you."

He told the doctor of Jesus and everything. The doctor was saved to God that very night.