The Free Gift

By Jonathan Srock

As he was walking out of the supermarket at night, Brian Craterk saw has car fly past him. He dropped his bag of groceries and ran after the car. To his surprise, it wasn't in front of him. It had come up behind him!

He ran as fast as he could. But, then, when he dropped to his knees out of a lack of energy, it stopped right before it was about to hit him.

He heard a large booming voice say, "My son, I have something great coming. It will cost you everything. Even your life! Do you want to risk all of this to fulfill what I have spoken? " Then he woke up. The sweat was pouring down his face. He ran into the bathroom to wash his face and calm himself.

Then he thought of the vision he had seen. Truly, he would be going to the supermarket tonight. What did God have in store for him? Well, whatever it was, he was sure he would do it for his best friend. He continued his morning routine, starting with his morning Bible reading and prayer.

"God, thank you for this beautiful morning and the vision I received. Surely it was from your throne. Lord, help me to understand your world and what is done today. Thank you. Amen." Then he ate breakfast and finished his routine. He got ready for school and left. On the bus, he thought about his spiritual welfare. I'm only 16 and yet God has sent visions my way, became my best friend, and gave me eternal life. What a wonderful God!

That night he came home and finished the small portion of homework that he had. Then he had dinner and told his mother and father of his plans. After that, he left for the supermarket.

In the winter, the days get shorter and shorter. This was not one of his favorite times of the year. There were dangers on the road and all around him. He never knew what was going to come next. But then he praised God for His protection.

He got to the store and went inside. He was meeting Mark, a good friend of his. Mark was waiting for him at the door. Good old Mark, he thought, never late but always early. "Hey, man, ho\&/s it going?" was Mark's usual greeting. "Oh I'm okay."

"What's up with the long face?"

"Well I have this vision from God that I just can't figure out."

"What is it with you? You're always talking about this God and all these wonderful things He's done for you. Why don't you quit with the false religious crap and get a life!" Then Mark stormed off.

Brian felt a stirring within himself. It was the Holy Spirit. "Please tell him about me. Don't let another one go! I love Mark and I want to see him in heaven! I care for him like no one else ever can or will! Please."

But Brian went the opposite way. He went into the store and after noticing that he had shown his weakness as a Christian, he ran back outside. But Mark wasn't anywhere to be found.

"I'm sorry, God, that I let you down again. I am a waste. Why do you even care about me? I don't deserve this treatment. I am afraid to spread your gospel. Lord, please give me the courage and the boldness to tell others about you.

Then, for the second time, he went into the store. This time he shopped and paid for what he needed to get. He came back outside of the store and to his surprise and horror the lights of his car stared him in the face. Then it backed up and turned to his left.

Brian dropped the bag of groceries and ran after the car. He ran and ran until he could not run anymore. Then he fell to his knees and cried out to God. "God, let your power come down and invade that car in the name of Jesus!"

Just as Brian got up, the car came up behind him and stopped right before it was about to hit him. A man, dressed as a vagabond, opened the door and jumped out, screaming at the top of his lungs.

Brian strained his ears to hear what the man was screaming. It sounded like "No! Let me go! No! Not fire! I don't deserve it! Please! Don't hurt me!"

Then from Brian's head to his toes he could feel an evil so redundant that it made him fall to the ground. He began to scream also.

Brian called on the name of the Lord. "Jesus is Lord. He is all I need. Your temptations don't work, Satan. God is God over all and only his name will I lift up and praise!" All of the sudden, a wave of cooling, fresh flowing water seemed to come over him. It was the Holy Spirit. It demolished all of the iniquity he felt and took away the feeling.

At this time, He realized there were plenty of people watching him.

Brian arose from the ground and walked over to the screaming man. He put his hands on the man and immediately the man became silent. Then he began to speak.

"My friend, Jesus is with you. How did you come to feel the pain you endured?" The man answered him, "I was going to steal your car and when I got in it, I heard this radio station, some Christian thing, and they were talking about Jesus. I felt this hand take the wheel and stop the car. I lifted up my head and on the ceiling of the car there was a few words that said I will do something that will change you, Jerry. I was scared.

So I opened the door and immediately, something came over me. It was something I have never felt before, a sort of wave of refreshing water. I didn't understand so I screamed as loud as I could. I can still feel it."

"Jerry," Brian said, "that was Jesus. He wasn't kidding when He said He would do something great that would change you. Would you like to have what he wants to give you?

"Yes, I want it. He has convinced me that it will be good."

Brian began to talk to others standing around him in a large circle. "Are there any believers in Jesus Christ of Nazareth among you?" Nobody answered.

Brian looked around. He wasn't sure if he could do this all by himself. Then the Spirit said to him," Brian, it is time for you to take over. Many have gone before you My Spirit has testified with them. But now, it is your battle. It is your turn to see millions fall before me and give all they have to me. I am with you in this. Go on."

So Brian gathered all of the people around him and the man and began, "All of you listen to me. God has chosen me to show you something many do not have. I give it to you willingly. It is the knowledge of Jesus, son of God.

This knowledge, as you have heard, will change you forever. It will change your motives, thoughts, and your way of life. The reason for this is that you live a life of evil and God is love, the opposite of evil. Now the way to retrieve this knowledge is to ask the Lord Jesus into your heart and give him command over all of you.

To do this we must first all admit that we have done evil things, that we are doing wrong. Second, we must believe that Jesus died, and rose again, taking all of our sins with him to death and rising pure without them. We must believe all that the Bible says, for it is the words of God written down for men. We must also believe that Jesus is coming back for all of us.

Thirdly, we must confess our sins to Jesus Christ and ask for his forgiveness. Is there anyone who will not admit that they have sinned?"

He looked around. No one said a word. He continued, "Is there anyone who does not believe all I have told you?" Again he glanced around. No one said anything.

He then continued, "Is there anyone among you who doesn't want to confess their sins and make Jesus Lord of their life?"

He glanced all around. No one wanted to leave. They all believed him.

"Then, dear friends, there is one thing left to do. Will you all join me in prayer? We will pray for all of you. Follow me in this prayer and if you believe Jesus and confess your sins, all of the things we say will save you from the pit of hell."

Then he prayed with all of the people in the crowd repeating every word that came out of his mouth, "Lord... We know that you are the true God... And we want to become partners with you... And to know you more than we know ourselves... Lord, we acknowledge that all of us have sinned and come so short of your glory...

We believe that you have died on the cross and risen from the dead... Bearing our sins and keeping us clean... Finally.... we confess that you are the Lord of all of us.... we would like for you to come into our hearts and lives.... and clean us with the blood you shed for all of us... Thank you Lord for what you have done... Amen..."

Brian then told everyone, "Now everyone, praise the name of you Jesus. He loves all of you and he knows all of you better than you do. Some of you feel indescribable things. These are things of God. That's true. The Spirit tells me some of you are druggies and some of you have killed. This feeling does not go away as long as you keep on loving Him.

Do not be afraid of things God does in your life and body. He's cleaning you up from the inside out. Let Him do what he does best. Others of you just feel this refreshing feeling. Get used to it. It is the Holy Spirit in you. All of you can feel the same warmness I'm feeling right now, and it isn't the winter coats and sweatpants; and things you are wearing that is producing this warmth. It is God's love."

Then, Brian saw a familiar face in the crowd that wasn't there before. It was his pastor. Brian went over to him. "Pastor, I'm glad you're here."

"What can I do to help?" the pastor asked.

Brian immediately told him, "I'm glad you asked. Can we take these people to the church and get them baptized in water? Many of them have already received the Holy Spirit."

"Sure," the pastor said, 'first I'll get the congregation together and then we will bring them in to get baptized. I know many of them have received the Holy Spirit, I can hear the beautiful tongues that God has already bestowed upon them."

When they got to the church, a full revival broke out. All of the people from the crowd were baptized and the joy that came upon that little Pentecostal church was overflowing. Many were being slain in the Spirit. The others testified with the Saints of how God came to them. It lasted all night.

The next day, Brian went to school. The principal met him at the door. "Good morning, Brian!" "Good morning, Mr. Ritz."

"Brian, may I see you in my office, please?" the principal asked. "Of course," Brian answered. In Mr. Ritz's office, he began to speak with Brian about something he classified as very important.

"Brian, I don't know if you know this or not, but I was walking around last night and I saw everything that happened, I fought to come over to the crowd. I stayed away. But I want another chance. I want what they had. Do you still have it?"

Brian jumped out of his seat and said, "Oh, it never will leave me!" The principal stood up and said, "How much do you want for it?"

Brian began once again, "Sir, the gift I bear is free. It is the best thing that could or would ever happen to you. I won't sell it. I'll just give it to you. But why give it just to you? Why can't everyone have a chance to get it?"

"What do you mean?" Mr. Ritz asked.

"If you call all of the students together, I'll give it to everyone, Just let me make a call, please."

"Great! I'll make the announcement!" He ran out of the room,

Brian picked up the phone and dialed the number of his church. He told the pastor what happened and his plans and asked for some help and saints. His pastor was in total agreement and told him they would be there soon.

All of the students and teachers met together in the auditorium. There were many people there as Brian could see behind the closed curtain. He was not afraid but he still prayed.

"Lord, do a work in me and in what I say. May I be your instrument and let your love and compassion and glory shine through me. May I show you to the world of sinners out there. Anoint me to do your will, Amen."

The pastor came at that moment and said, "Brian, this is something I will only help with. These students are your age and will not listen to me as they will you. It's your turn to tell them. I'll help at the altar."

"Thanks," Brian said.

The curtain opened and he began. "Fellow students and teachers, my name is Brian Craterk. I am a student from this school. I would like to give all of you something that you may not know is yours for the taking.

This free gift I give you is the love of Jesus Christ. He wants all of you to know him personally. The man below me is my pastor. The books on each side of him, as you may already be able to identify them, are copies of the Bible. If you will all come to the front, we are willing to give to each of you the Word of God and tell you about Jesus. Those around me will explain all of this to you."

The response from the crowd was amazing! People of all shapes, sizes, and colors rushed to the alter. Even all of the saints they had there had a line of many people in front of them. Brian was giving glory to God for what was happening when he heard an evil shriek. He turned toward the sound to find that it was Mark, his very best friend. "Get away from me!" Mark screamed, trembling with fear.

Brian jumped off of the stage and said, "Mark, there is no one among us who can resist the Holy Spirit. You say you don't want my religion. Fine. I won't give it to you. All I'll give you is a relationship with the very person who made you."

He placed his hands on Mark and Mark was immediately filled with the Holy Spirit and was slained right there in the middle of the auditorium. He was a changed man.

Many of us are afraid to tell others about Jesus. But when you are like Brian and accept the mission of the Christian, you see what happens to your enemies and your friends. Your life will never be the same.