God's Task Force

by Jonathan Srock

"Oh, shoot!" a man cried out.

"What's wrong ?" another man who was coming to his aid asked.

"I dropped my books," the man said as he bent down to pick them up.

The other man asked him, "What's your name?"

The man bending down looked up and said, "My name's Ken. Ken Barco. What's yours?" Ken asked.

"Matt Grines," said the man. "You want some help?"

"Sure," Ken nodded his head.

Matt bent down also. As he was helping Ken gather about ten or so books, he peeked at a few of the titles. "Is There a God?" and "God: A Myth" were written on the covers. Matt looked at Ken again. He thought to himself, "No God, this can't be. A man who looks as successful as he does. Lost. I see my mission. Thank you God for filling me in."

Ken had all of the books in his hands and said, "Thanks for helping me, Matt. It is so hard to find friendly help these days."

Matt looked at him and said, 110h, don't worry. help people. In fact, it's my job." With that said, around and, to Ken's knowledge, disappeared.

"That's strange. A man who walks around and helps people for a living, but doesn't take credit for it. It gives a whole new meeting to the words, give credit where it's due.' Then Ken discarded the matter and continued his business.

Now Matt didn't disappear into thin air. He had seen another person in distress. After meeting Ken, he looked over to his left and saw an accident waiting to happen. Then, it did.

When Matt looked over, he saw a man with his nose in a book walking straight and on the other side of the room was a lady going the same way looking at some kind of passport or something. The two reached about the center of the room and then locked shoulders and the woman went tumbling to the floor. She looked up at the man and started to apologize.

Matt arrived at that time. He politely helped the woman to her feet. She thanked him and then continued to plead apology after apology. The man was not taking these pleads easy.

He roared at her, "You expect me to say that it is 0. K. to just walk in my path and try to plow me down ? I don't think so!"

Matt stuck himself in the middle of their conversation and began to speak. "Please hear me out because I saw the whole thing. First of all, sir, you were not totally alert. You were reading whatever it is you've got in your hand. So you couldn't have been paying attention to wherever you were going. Secondly... "

The man barged in, " ... Yes, but she should have been paying attention. What where you doing ? Hmmm ?11 he asked the woman. "Please, I said I was sorry. I also had an eye on what I pleased to find a believer in the group that passed on these streets. Of course, this was one of the greatest places to witness to others about Jesus. However, Matt knew that any place is good enough to speak of Christ.

It was his job; his life's work. He was made to serve God. He was part of an elite group. God chose each individual for they would represent love and peace on the earth. He gave each of them a sector of somewhere on earth to work for Him.

Each of them hid God's word in their hearts. They all had the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, they were elite because they did something no one else would do. Why were they the elite group? What made them special? Why did God pick them?

God could have taken any Christian. He could have chosen anyone. However, God saw in His elite group a spirit of serving. God picked them because they were willing to do anything for His glory. The most important thing about them was that they helped whoever needed help of any kind without complaining. They were something special.

Matt remembered God's commission to him. He joyfully accepted it. He liked helping others. This he thought about late in the evening while walking to Ken's house. He knew where Ken lived by questioning a few people he found who knew Ken.

Upon reaching the house, Matt rang the doorbell and waited patiently for Ken to come to the door. When Ken opened it, Matt asked to come in. Ken did not object.

Matt looked around. It was a nice place. It looked a little dirty, though. Matt began, "Listen, Ken. I was thinking about you. I thought about this morning and what I saw. I remember the titles of those books that I picked up. Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal savior?"

Ken gave him a cold, hard stare. "You know, you're just like one of my friends. You idiots will never leave me alone, will you? As I told him, I don't care about your God. He is worth nothing to me."

Matt looked back at him with a frown. "You are just the kind of person God wants. Yet, you can't get past what you are looking at this very moment to see what follows in the moments to come. In the same way, God waits patiently for His sons and daughters. You say that God is worth nothing to you. If you would open your eyes and see that you can't do anything without him, you would know that you need Him to survive.

If you would get past what is now and look at what is to come, you would see that when you die you have nothing unless you are in God's care. You are a condemned man with no where to go and no song to sing. Your only way out of it is Jesus Christ. Think about that."

Matt turned away and left. He could hear voices behind him and he turned around to watch as a man walked up to Ken and said, "Ken it is time. God wants you now."

Ken turned to the man with tears in his eyes and said, "You know, Simon, I think you're right." The man called Simon turned to Matt and said, "Thanks for helping me. I am the one he spoke of earlier. I am his friend.'

Matt shook his head, turned back, and began to walk to his other problem of the day. Minutes later, he could hear laughter and when he looked back to Ken's house he saw the cleanest house held ever seen. Simon looked him in the eye and with his eyes gave a message of hope to Matt. The message stated, "Ken is saved into the Kingdom of Heaven."

"Praise God!" Matt was worshiping God the whole time he walked to another house. It was the house of the man who bumped into Janet that morning. Matt knocked and the door was opened. "Oh! You again." the man didn't look so happy to see him. "What do you want?"

"I want you to meet a friend of mine," Matt started, "He would like to get to know you." The man let Matt in. "My name is Gregg."

"Gregg, this person I want you to meet, His name is Jesus Christ and He died for you. He wants to live inside of you and..."

Before Matt could finish, the power of God had come down and the spirit convicted Gregg of all of his wrongs. He lay there on the floor and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Some people believe in angels. Others don't. People who have such a strong daily walk with God and are so close to the Holy Spirit have these kinds of stories. Why ? Because when you walk with God and He is in you, He shows himself through you and in your life to change people.