Bacca's Battle

The sun rises again against the darkness in the land. Bacca watches the light battle with the darkness, as is his custom every morning, from his cave. He is alone; yet this island provides all he needs. It is, in his mind, a mutual relationship as Mother Nature provides for him out of her wealthy resources and he, in return, worships her. She, like the women he once knew, is at times fickle with him in her dealings. There are days when he goes hungry and days when she pummels him with her rains and hail stones. He gives more worship but she apparently does not listen, continuing her onslaught.

He hates her in these times, but he would never let her know. Bacca has found that he can think such things about her without her knowing it. That's the beauty of this relationship. It doesn't matter whether she really knows his thoughts or not. She will punish him either way. Now all of the darkness is gone. Bacca realizes he has spent too long a time in his mind with her. He must go and fight her again for food and tools. After all, that's all she is good for.

The day is spent hunting and thinking. Bacca is successful today, bringing to himself the best catch of the week on this beautiful day. After he eats, he stands outside his cave and lifts his hands in the air. Then he climbs the closest tree and sits in silence.

His mind wrestles with her again. "I hate you. Why did you bring me to this forsaken island? Explain yourself. Why do you keep me alive only to scoff at me and abuse me with your hail stones and cold rain? Have I finished amusing you yet? I will become better than you someday and I will strike you down and rule over you." Nothing. No sudden outburst of a storrn but only the peaceful setting of the sun filled his eyes. He had gotten away with his true feelings for her again.

Suddenly a storm shakes the tree at its base. Bacca falls out of the tree and lands on his back. He feels his blood slowing down and his veins collapsing. His mind blisters with the familiar thoughts that have sustained him in his silent protests to Mother Nature, "I detest your very existence. Curse you and your kind! If I die, you will have no one to give you your pleasure!" After coming to this realization, Bacca reaches out and grabs a stick beside him. He forcibly stabs himself in the chest. Moments later, the gleam in his eye fades but his smile remains. In the darkness, Bacca hears a booming male voice, "Bacca, you have worshipped the gods of stones and wood and water. I AM the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of stone, wood, and water. Above these, I created you from the dust I have made. I sent My Son to die for you on a tree and I raised Him from the dead. I alone hold the rights to your life and you will not die today. You will worship me."

Bacca now sees God's Son dying on a cross and then watches Him being raised to life again. "Worship Me!" lingers in his ears as the familiar sights and sounds of nature return to him. He arises unscathed and perfectly physically complete.

Bacca runs into his cave, fear gripping his every movement. He curls up in his sleeping place and cries. "Who was that?" his mind begins as it used to for Mother Nature.

"I AM the LORD your God!" answers that same voice.

"What are you doing inside my mind?"

"Why are you only using your mind? I know all, see all, and am everywhere, even in your mind."

"She was never in my mind. How do you do it?"

"I made you. I know you better than anyone else knows you. I know you better than you know yourself."

Bacca stops his conversation with this God and falls asleep.

The sun rises against the darkness in the land. Bacca watches the light overrule the darkness. He is not alone and cannot get away from God. As he rises to go hunt, God once again begins the conversation. "I AM the LORD your GOD! What more can I do to show you My love?"

Bacca thinks for a moment and then answered, "She provided for me and brought me here. I don't need You."

"Did you love her?"

"No! I hated her. You have helped her by keeping me alive. She enjoys my circumstances."

"I am greater than her and you and any circumstance you have. Test me in this."

"Fine. You are in my thoughts and in my dreams always. Go away!" Bacca extends his fists in anger. Immediately he is more alone than ever before. The silence continues for three solid days. Bacca finds an abundance of animals to hunt and is well provided for. Only one thing is wrong. He has no one to talk to and no one to even fill the presence of His or her existences. In his loneliness, he has decided by this third day which God he will choose.

On the third day he cries out, "Mother, where are you? Make yourself known by any sign and I will worship you forever!"

Bacca waits and waits until one full day passes. He now reluctantly decides again in his heart that this other God would be his God.

He again cries out, "Lord God, now You. Make Yourself known!"

Silence. Utter complete silence fills his surroundings. Bacca waits again and nothing happens. He remembers her and then Him.

"Almighty God, You are my God and I will ever praise You. I will seek you in the morning, and I will learn to walk in Your ways. Lead me, O Lord."

Still nothing happens.

Bacca continues, "I will worship Your Son, the Cornerstone who died on wood for me. Give me Your Everlasting Water!"

The earth beneath Bacca begins to shake as water pours out of it from under his feet, soaking him from toe to head.

God answered him, "Let this be Your sign and My seal upon you. You are Mine and I am in you."