Poetry Descriptions

Cage of Captivity

I wrote this poem for a creative writing class a while back. It is composed in the Villanelle format. It speaks of the frailty and restraint that we must endure in this life while waiting for the culmination of all history to the moment where eternity begins and all of this word fades away.


This is a poem that is a riddle. The poem speaks from the device's point of view. For those of you who don't know what the controller is, it is time, or an alarm clock.


This poem depicts the battle that rages against evil and the devil. I wrote this one when I was just a young pup. This was probably before I was even a teenager.

Father in the Faith

This could be considered the eulogy I never delivered. When my grandfather, another Assemblies of God minister who had a profound impact on my life as I grew up watching him and learning from him, passed away in 2002 I wrote this poem to say goodbye to him. I miss him greatly, but I look forward to the day we meet again.

Fraudulent Friend

This poem is about the deception and danger of money.

Is Was Me

This poem has to do with the dilemma between Jesus' work on the cross for your sins and when we sin after we are believers. It's another one from the early days.

Lost in Love

Okay, so everyone has to try their hand at writing love poetry. I'm almost embarrassed to put this on here. I wrote it in Sonnet format when I was studying Shakespeare's sonnets in high school, my senior year. Enjoy because I don't know if this one's staying public!

My Conflict With Conflict

I wrote this poem as part of a Creative Writing class in college. It has to do with all of the problems that come with dealing with conflict in life.

One Small Prayer

Here's another poem from when I was just starting out. Short, sweet, and to the point. Not an awesome poem, but it's mine.

Passing My Blessing

I thought it would be fun to write a sort of "reverse blessing" much like when you complement someone by telling them what they're not. I hope you enjoy it and get a few giggles out of it. I know it was so much fun to compose.

Plegued Paradise

I had a list of strange words to use within a poem. So I wrote a poem and marked them off as I went along. It's not that easy writing poetry, but it's even harder to use words you've never heard of before to write a poem that makes some sort of expression of existence.

Red Crucifixion, Black Resurrection

Christ's followers aren't as often so pure as the teachings of their founder. This poem seeks to ask the question, "When will all of the issues outside of Christ be ignored by Christians?" Why must we continue in a circle of fighting with the enemy never being the adversary of God?


This one's about how God works on us, but we don't like what He's doing, the way He convicts us. But then we realize that He was disciplining us all along so that we would be more beautiful in the end.

Silent Praise Mounts

This poem speaks to the inner conflict between other desires and the will to praise God above and beyond the circumstances in our lives. I was just a young pup in my lower teens when I penned this one.

Stubborn Trust

This poem is about those times when you just can't figure out what God's doing in your life. Your prayers are empty and the time when you don't feel such a connection to God on your part.

Wanting Me

This poem looks at the results of rejection in a person's life, the way they feel and how they deal with people who don't want them or want to make them a part of what's going on.


This is a poem from a long time ago that calls Christians to witness to others about God.