Free Verse


By Jonathan Srock

I look like that?
But how could this be?
I hate this mirror
And its judgments on me.

Leave me alone and cover yourself.
I know myself and don’t need your help.
Be quiet; speak not of me
Silence your laughter and close your eyes.

Every day you mock me.
Your case completely unfair
Your eyes judge before you
A verdict I cannot bear.

Curse you for your pronouncement
Now I pass judgment on you
And so I give my announcement
You hated me, so I hate you.

Carrying out my hate, you are broken
Shattered and destitute.
Your disheveled debris are my token
With this ring of remembrance, I leave you

I walk alone
No longer responsible to you
But I find my “freedom” untrue
Although broken, you are still near

A few days have passed
You are still here
Less divided, your parts are in harmony
There are no parts, only the whole

You are doing it again
I am captive by your judgment
Why me of all men?
You challenge me to budge

For pride’s sake, I take you on
You fix my flaws in my sight
Now I see my faults are gone
And my future is beheld so bright

Finally, I understand them –
Those judgments of love
Your intent to make me a gem
Far more beautiful than all below or above