Type of Poem: Free Verse

Plagued Paradise

By Jonathan Srock

Every morning I spend on the lowland
Through the boscage and rattan I pass
Down to the ocean and through all of the sand
The calm teal ocean resembling glass

With my alabaster fishing box along
Now on my boat, I sit at the helm
Nowhere else in this world can I feel this strong
I set up the gaff here in my realm

Just as I settle in, the storm does arise
The doggerel in Natures newspeak
Turns my thoughts her games as I look cockeyed
“This peaceful morning has turned out bleak.”

Such peace my incentive to seize him today
That owfish gargantuan I soon will catch
And mount that big fish on my wall to stay
This sprig of a boy will meet your match

So here on this boat in this storm I shiver
Plans unchanged, I wait for the ripe deed
“Got you,” I say, my pole begins its quiver
“Oh no you don’t” says the algae weed