This is a single long devotional I was inspired to write based on John 3:1-15.

Midnight Rendezvous


So Jesus, this new Rabbi has been teaching on a hot topic, the kingdom of God. Because of the situation of the Jews under Roman rule, they loved to talk about allegiances. They hated Roman rule unless it forwarded their own agenda. So when Jesus came along, he did not talk about the kingdom of God they way they would have imagined. In fact, he described it using stories and images that were familiar to the people.

The Jewish leaders could not understand these stories because you would have to do some work to understand the moral of the story. They probably would have preferred if Jesus had just told them exactly what He was explaining about this Kingdom.

So this guy who kind of likes His teaching on the Kingdom of God, who might even be swaying toward believing this new Rabbi, meets up with Jesus in the night, so that no one would find out about it. He asks Jesus for what they had been looking for all along, clarification, a clear-cut answer. But Jesus refuses to give him one.

First, Jesus says that he must be born again. Nicodemus can't make heads or tails of this. It doesn't make sense. Why would someone be born again. That would be difficult to do for an adult. But Jesus was not speaking physically. It was an image to help him understand that he is spiritually dead and must be born spiritually into the kingdom of God.

Then Jesus tells him that the people who are part of the kingdom are as elusive as the wind. That's because they follow the Spirit wherever He goes. In the Old Testament, the Israelites followed God's presence around. They even had a movable temple called a tabernacle that was literally a tent where God's presence would fill and then when God's presence moved, so the people went that way.

But Jesus had to chide Nicodemus because he was a Rabbi also but could not understand even these things. Jesus expected more of this man who had studied the Scriptures and taught them to the people.

If you want to join the Kingdom of God and become a believer, it is not hard to do. But to become part of the kingdom requires a complete change in you. That's why Jesus described it as being reborn. Your ideas of how things are change. Your vision of how you see people changes. Your desires change and you change. But God's the one who does the rebirthing. We just have to want it. So if you're interested in becoming a member of God's kingdom, you can ask me about it or any of these folks around here. Chasing the Spirit of God is full of adventure and there's nothing like seeking God and finding Him.