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Solid Devotionals

Throughout my travels and tenure as a minister and student of the Word of God, I have written at different times in my life devotionals for certain purposes. I hope that these devotionals encourage your heart and inspire you to know God and His Word better.

All Devotionals are written By Rev Jonathan Srock. Please do not copy or use without giving proper reference to the author. Thank you.

Beatitudes Devotionals

This 12-session devotional describes the Kingdom character Jesus is calling each believer to live with throughout their life with God.

Teen Devotionals

2-session short devotional series done for a magazine while I was still a teenager.

Ministry Devotionals

These 10 devotionals will encourage and revitalize those who feel like they are drained from the hard work of the ministry. I originally wrote these during a Spring Impact trip which was a US Missions trip to Newark, New Jersey.

Midnight Rendezvous

This is a single long devotional I was inspired to write based on John 3:1-15.

Daily Meditations

This is a series of devotionals that I started and never really finished because I became a pastor and had other duties. It is based on the Wisdom Literature of the Bible, specifically from Psalms and Proverbs.

Week 1
Week 2